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Enterprise Architect (TTL Factory)

  • GesellschaftDeutsche Telekom IT RUS OOO
  • StandortРоссия
  • KarrierelevelПрофессионал
  • VertragsartПолная занятость - постоянный контракт
  • Bewerbungsschluss2021-01-14
  • Berufserfahrung5 лет и более
  • Erforderliche SprachkenntnisseАнглийский
  • Job-ID120766_RU_2_acc_internet

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ITCS (Intermodal Transport Control System) – is a big team of professionals, which helps public transport to grow and become better for more than 10 years. The project solves the problems for most of the federal and regional public transport companies (e.g. Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG, DSW21, Stadtwerke Bonn), providing both individual solutions for each company and a collective computer-powered traffic management system based on the multiple companies integration, uniting all of the public transport types to the unified system. The scope of tasks is wide and affects all of the stages of vehicle’s route from its start up to the very end, all the route’s physical components from the onboard driver’s computer and the vehicle’s devices up to the stop’s displays and all the possible users from the driver up to the transport company administrator.

Ihr Profil

General requirements:

  • Expert who has knowledge in all areas of architecture,
  • also in business architecture,
  • in programming,
  • ability to analyze complex IT landscapes
  • can describe and assess the consequences of new architectural topics like Industry 4.0, IoT, etc. in context with existing IT landscapes.


Technical/functional expertise:

  • Many years of knowledge and experiences within all levels of architectures: from business architecture, across application-/technology architecture and operations architecture
  • Knowledge and experiences in the area of enterprise architecture management
  • TOGAF certified; experiences in applying TOGAF
  • Knowledge and experiences within the new architecture themes like Cloud, IoT / M2M, Industry 4.0, Docker, Micro Services, …
  • Ability to estimate and assess the consequences of the new architecture themes regarding the IT landscape
  • Experiences to lead big architecture projects
  • Knowledge and experiences with programming
  • Knowledge and experiences in one of the major technology platforms
  • Experiences with standardization and reuse
  • Ability to take over different roles: solution architect, lead architect, chief architect
  • Knowledge and experiences in technology management
  • Industry knowledge at least in one area: e.g. Public Transport, Automotive, Public, Logistics, …
  • Maybe in addition: PM capabilities



  • Capability to moderate
  • Highly social competence
  • Ability for conflict resolution
  • Ability to look beyond one’s own nose
  • Good cross linked with organization and management
  • Good standing within the organization
  • Ability to bring about decision
  • Assertiveness



Über uns


T-Systems is a part of Deutsche Telekom group - the leading European telecommunications provider. T-Systems has over 52,700 employees, active in about 20 countries worldwide. In Russia, T-Systems provides Software services: Design, Development, Testing, User Helpdesk and Maintenance. Since 1995, the Russian team develops complex projects for international companies: T-Mobile, Daimler, Volkswagen, DHL and many others.

Kontakt & Bewerbung

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe
Anrufen unter:  +7 (812) 677-66-86 ext.2124
E-Mail an:  myhr_recruitment@telekom.com

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